Ernest Szymula

Hey all,

my name is Ernest and...

As an interaction designer in the city of Belfast, my goal is to bring imagination to reality and with your contribution we can make this happen!

What I have made thus far...

Personal Portfolio Website

I focused on my colour choice so that it would reflect my personality. I re-drew word marks until I found one following simplicity and my colour scheme. For the background, I created an illustration after conducting master-apprentice exercises. The main focus of the website was simplicity in navigation.

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Website screenshot
Travel App Screens

Visit Japan App

For this project, I made the prototype for a personal app under the theme of “travel”. In the creation of this app I focused on simplicity and creating meaningful illustrations. The app is based on Japan where four significant locations can be selected. These include: The Great Torii, Osaka castle, Mount Fuji and Yubatake.

The show and the tell

My name is Ernest Szymula, and I love creating anything that shares innovation. At the end of my projects, I am usually left picking stuff out instead of putting more in..

My craze revolves around making anything that could change the way industries think or do tasks. As a lover of all things illustrated, I wish to help bring my passions into the profession without limiting the work that I do. In my spare time I indulge into video games, outdoor adventures, chocolate and looking at cover art for hours on end.

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